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..It was a great show! Which surprised me actually, because I usually distance myself from mecha. I'm also currently watching Code Geass, but surprisingly I'm not as motivated watching Code Geass as I was with Accel World. I wonder what the big difference is ^^;

Anyway, Kuroyukihime was such a great character! As a cosplayer, you immediatly start to think if you should cosplay her... but she's way too exposed for me. On Google I came across this;

Talk about AWESOME. But my skills are way too poor for such an outfit (as of now) and I'm kind of scared how I'd look in black hair... o.o My natural color is blond and so I have very light eyebrows, it would be so weird to have them be black all of a sudden XD

Anyway, looking forward to season two and all the Kuroyukihime cosplayers I'll hopefully be seeing this year!

Skin made by fantasy-alive
Skin by fantasy-alive (modified by MikoBura)
spectrumdavis Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
The Reason is cause the protagonist is not some skinny pretty boy that you've seen in about 900 animes before.
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December 14, 2012


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